The year 2018 has seen various PC fighting games released and some are yet to be officially released. We have seen the likes of Narita Boy, SoulCalibur6, The Quiet Man and Fantasy Strike which is our interest for the day.

The Fantasy Strike was developed and published by Sirlin Games; a company owned by David Sirlin which specialize in asymmetric games ­­­­, these type of games give players the ability to control more than one character, each with different abilities and personalities.

Fighting games can be easy if one is a master of all combos and one also has good has a classically trained pianist. But without this skills fighting games may not be an option to think about. This is not so with Fantasy Strike as a rookie can get the fantasy to its maximum when playing the game.

Sirlin Games started Fantasy Strike by developing the characters on tabletop form, with the game majorly based on the tabletop series. These tabletop series include Yomi, Puzzle Strike, and Flash Duel. For fighting game newbies, moves are as easy as a single press of the button and also with quite easy combos. The fun part of it for newbies is that they have all moves rightly fitted on one screen.

Fighting games veterans may probably be taking a sharp turn due to the easy moves and combos but that’s not all, as there are somewhat hard moves to make and they are likely hard to just execute. The game is targeted at ex-Street Fighter dev and hardcore player for play in tournaments. There is a combination of frame traps, zoning, rushdown, mixups, and many familiar fighting games fundamentals.

Fantasy Striker to incorporate fantasy with martial arts. It has characters like ninja, panda, dragon, fish and even human. These characters make use of time, fire, ghosts, gambling, paint, and wind as their weapons. Find characters whose personality you love and start the fantasy. You can go for The gambling panda or manic-depressive or a disciplined zoner or a passive resistance-style fish or a cocky one and a lot more.

The developers of Fantasy Strike believe there is no better networking tech in any other fighting games as Fantasy Strike. And of course, there online multiplayer platform is another fantasy.

The former Senior Producer, a seasoned scribe with more than 9 years of experience in Content management and Journalism.

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The former Senior Producer, a seasoned scribe with more than 9 years of experience in Content management and Journalism.

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