Live Shots but virtual death on PS4 and Xbox one

When Capcom published the new version of Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter: World, eight months ago there was a lot of race about the game, everything about it. As a first person shooter type of game, the player assumes the role of a Hunter exploring a world so different from the usual as to almost look around and get lost in awe of it.

This admiration quickly turns into terror when you realize the importance of eliminating a gang of nasty beasts. Eliminate? Not so fast. You have to first loot the what’s available before eliminating. That’s right about that. This is a game that will immediately win over fans of Dark Souls and also those of Nioh. It is indeed a very exciting game.

Every great game always has something about them which makes them what they are, great. In Monster Hunter, however, what makes it really great is the approach to handling the game. It is a game about statistics facts and figures. Not in the book style but in a way just enough to gain control of the game. Every single step in the game has to be tactically carried out, well planned and executed as each weapon, item, armor piece, attack, and skill have numbers attached to it.

This is why it is super important to take into consideration the attributes of this new environment in order to be among the most effective hunters in the Fifth Fleet. Attributes Ike the topography and the vegetation of the new environment, the characteristics of the beasts you’re trying to eliminate, these are the sort of things that give you a headway in getting the grip on the game.

Monster Hunter: World being a part of the Monster Hunter series was released for PS4 and Xbox One worldwide in January 2018 and later in the year a Microsoft Windows version came along, that happened in August 2018. As mentioned before the game is of FPS kind so players may decide to hunt alone, or can make a party (four or five players) out of it the more the merrier, so they say.

This is done via the game’s online services. Multiplayer matches may be fiddly to set up initially but the game is overall a mixture of spirited and well thought out adventure and a one really worth it.

The former Senior Producer, a seasoned scribe with more than 9 years of experience in Content management and Journalism.

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The former Senior Producer, a seasoned scribe with more than 9 years of experience in Content management and Journalism.

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