Building an Empire of Fans in the Racing World

The Forza series is a dominating continuum in the gaming world. Two editions of Forza Horizon 3 were published on the 23rd and 27th September 2016 for PC and Xbox One and Microsoft Windows by Microsoft Studios. The game is an open-world racing game Developed by Playground Games. While Forza Horizon 4 depicts a British setting, FH 3, uses a representation of the country-continent of Australia. As expected the high-profile game maintains a good record of fictional replication of the real world.

Forza Horizon 3’s planning is such that the weaknesses of some other racing games have been worked upon and turned into strengths. One of such is gamers’ ability to navigate their way into something as interesting as their game after losing their way. In Forza Horizon 3, provision is made for an alternative gaming experience. One can drive to explore new places and the fans still cheering, the experience is kept lively. This specifically makes Forza Horizon 3 outstanding with the multiplicity of options off the actual race. This helps beginners who cannot cope with the expertise of co-racers enjoy divers off-the-asphalt experiences. A gamer could go on to engage in other enterprises which are mostly done for gathering fans.

The direction of activities of the game is mainly towards increasing one’s fanbase. This gives the gamer the ability to build horizon outposts for better exploration experience in “Australia”. Gathering fans is a brilliant idea that makes the game addictive and fun. There exists a multiplicity of features the gamer unlocks by accruing more and more fans.

The more of driving seems to give a special psychological effect (ecstasy) to gamers as it drives home feelings of the real world. The mode of navigating through bends gives a special feeling most gamers have found to be profound and unique. It drives home a sense of “relief” a critic said.

The way the game portrays Australia makes those unfamiliar with the country want to see it, it even gives those familiar with the scenes a sense of an admixture of surprise and happiness seeing a well-done fictional representation like that.

Forza Horizon 3 has however received different reviews on the Xbox One and PC. They both have almost completely good ratings. The open-world racing game succeeded by Forza Horizon 4, may seem to have no weaknesses at all, except in comparison with its successor which comes with more vehicles and other additives that make the open-world gaming experience better.

I am a Tech Content writer and full-time blogger. I like learning new things and believe that there can never be an end to learning.

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I am a Tech Content writer and full-time blogger. I like learning new things and believe that there can never be an end to learning.

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