If you are a fan of action horror games, then resident evil 7, bio-hazard is the game you should be playing. The game was developed by Capcom co. ltd; A Japanese company known for creating game franchise such as mega man, Monster Hunter and the likes. The game was released for Nintendo switch, x box one, windows and ps4 in January 2017

The event of resident evil 7 took place six years after resident evil 6, the c-virus have been cured and peace have returned to the world, but unfortunate things are happening in some part of the world and people’s fear are heightening.

It is around this time Ethan Winters, who received an SOS message from his wife who has been presumed dead since the year 2014. Ethan finds Mia, his wife in the basement of an abandoned house in a plantation in Louisiana, but she attacked him violently there by forcing him to kill her.

Ethan was later attacked by a revived Mia who cut of his arm, but his arm was reattached by Zoe, Ethan was then captured by Jack, the owner of the house, when he tried to escape he was chased around by jack, he ran to the basement and discovered a monster known as Molded, Zoe then Told Ethan that she is Jack daughter and her family and Mia has been infected by a deadly virus.

Ethan must, therefore, find a cure to the virus, he went to a house to collect the ingredient for the cure but killed Jack’s wife, who was also infected by the virus.

While he was away Zoe and Mia were captured by Lucas, Zoe’s brother, Ethan chases him away and Zoe used the ingredient he brought to make two doses of the cure, they were attacked by jack and Ethan uses one of the those to kill Jack, thereby remaining one dose to cure both Mia and Zoe, and he has to cure one of them.

The game received positive reviews as critics praised it as the first main series game to use a first-person point of view. It won the 2018 NAVGTR awards for best control design, best sound effects, best sound mixing in virtual reality and the best use of sound.

It won the 2018 SXSW Gaming award: VR game of the year, it also won the 2017 and 2018 edition of The Game Awards: The best VR/AR game.

Internet Marketer, and a Crypto Trader. Born in 2016, I dream to achieve every goal I dream of being the best out of my own.

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Internet Marketer, and a Crypto Trader. Born in 2016, I dream to achieve every goal I dream of being the best out of my own.

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